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How to Contact Us

Many developers and some users frequently are available on IRC. This is often the fastest way to get in contact and get feedback to problems. You can use any standard IRC client (such as Pidgin) and connect to any of the IRC servers of the Freenode network and join us in the #gnunet channel. If you do not want to download a real client, you can also use Freenode's web interface at

Note that at the moment most developers reside in Europe, don't expect immediate answer in the middle of the night. The channel is logged however, so there's a good chance that you will get some answer hours later (you can also check that log yourself to see if someone answered).

If you want to report bugs, read the FAQ and then report the issue to our bugtracker. Alternatively, you can use the
bug-gnunet mailinglist, but we prefer reports to be tracked via the website.

If you want to receive release-related announcements, you should subscribe to the moderated info-gnunet mailinglist. It has very little traffic.

For end-user discussions, we've created help-gnunet and for developers gnunet-developers. Both mailinglists are not seeing much traffic right now since most discussions happen in person or on IRC.

Finally, if you want to keep up-to-date with every single bit of development, there is gnunet-svn, an automated, moderated mailinglist for all git commits to the GNUnet project (including also GNU libmicrohttpd and GNU libextractor). This mailinglist has heavy traffic, at peak times you may see 100 commits a day and typically several commit e-mails every day.