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New Website

As you might have noticed with the recently broken links and maybe a redirect
here, we have a new website.

It's located where this website used to be:

There are some rough edges, but we are already working on improvements.
Some functions are still on, like our bibliography section.

This website mainly written in jinja2 and compiled to static html pages.

irc bot status

As of 2018-08-09 in the early morning, we are having problems with our current IRC bot.
update 2018-08-13: I have started working on a replacement - the drupal bot is not coming back.
We have plans to migrate to a new bot as soon as possible, but hope to restore functionality to the existing one soon enough.

This post will be updated as soon as the bot is back online. The logs themselves are not affected.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

GNUnet IRC logger problems

This post is created to shed some light on ongoing problems with our IRC bot, responsible for archiving the activity in some communities IRC channels.

The bot is a rather featureless, terrible to administrate, standard Drupal IRC Bot.

Problems right now include:

  • The #bootstrappable channel is logged but its output is not rendered correctly.

We will not fix this, as the infrastructure is getting a major overhaul in 2019, which includes getting rid of Drupal and using a dedicated (and self-hosted) service for the IRC logs.


gnURL 7.58.0

I'm no longer publishing release announcements on Read the full gnURL 7.58.0 release announcement on our developer mailinglist and on info-gnu once my email has passed the moderation.

gnURL 7.57.0 released

Today gnURL has been released in version 7.57.0, following the release of cURL 7.57.0.

The download is available in our directory on the GNU FTP and FTP mirrors (/gnu/gnunet/). 7.57.0 is the last version that will be available at, future releases will be on the FTP.
If you are a distro maintainer for gnURL make sure to read the whole post with details below.

gnURL 7.56.1-2 released

Today gnURL has been released in version 7.56.1-2.

This is a first rough solution to make gnURL build without a long list of configure switches.
This release fixes
The download is available at the usual place,

Berlin 2018, Workshop for a Next Generation Internet

To whom it may concern beyond just being affected...

We --an association of secushare and GNUnet hackers-- would like to
invite you after 34C3, to Berlin, to discuss and hack
"Next Generation Internet" technologies. The kind that actually replaces
parts of the existing Internet, not just adds complexity to it...

Start: Friday, 5th of January, 2018
End: Sunday, 7th of January, 2018
Location: Onionspace, Gottschedstraße 4, Aufgang 4, 13357 Berlin

gnURL 7.56.1 released

Today gnURL has been released in version 7.56.1.

This merges cURL 7.56.1 from the upstream release into gnURL.
For more info you can read the git log or the generated CHANGELOG file (present in the tarball).

gnURL 7.56.0 released

Today gnURL has been released in version 7.56.0.

Merges from cURL 7.56.0 upstream release and some gnURL specific fixes.

gnURL 7.55.1-4 released

Today gnURL has been released in version 7.55.1-4 as a patch release.

Mainly this fixes:
You no longer have to run "./buildconf" before compiling gnURL, and therefore autoconf + automake as dependency are dropped.


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